What is this?

We’re a collection of migrants, locals,  language learning experts,  speech technologists, artists, writers, and assorted folk.  Our goal is to make a collection of free online speech-based lessons in English and Irish for people living in Ireland, or planning to come here.

We’re making lessons about every corner of life in Ireland, using local content. We collect stories, chats, information, film, TV and radio from people and organisations all around Ireland. Then we use state of the art speech technology and language learning know-how to build free lessons to help learners understand life in Ireland, improve their English, maybe take on a bit of Irish, and see how life here works.

The lessons will available for all levels, and are designed to help with all the language skills and local know-how migrants need to participate fully in Irish life. We’re getting lots of local people and newcomers to tell us about places from the Aran islands to Dublin Zoo, and stories about people, places and things in their lives. We use public information videos to understand topics from car insurance to Covid-19, and skills from talking to your doctor to organising a birthday party for your kids. 

Can YOU give us a minute?

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Our Give Us a Minute campaign invites everyone to donate a minute or so of themselves to build this resource. We need people from all walks of life to give us one to two minutes of video or audio –  you can tell us about yourself, your town, a memory, a local legend, your experience as a newcomer to Ireland, your favourite recipe, how to make a proper cup of tea… anything and everything.